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I was born in the beautiful island of Barbados, West Indies, at the age of six my family relocated to Miami, Florida where we stayed for a brief time. Then we moved to Hartford, Connecticut where I have resided for the past 35 years.

Having the love to draw started at a young age and stayed with me to this day to produce endless creations of art.
I have attended Traphagen School of Design, New York City, Monserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA and University of Hartford School of Art, Hartford CT majoring in fashion design, illustration and Fine Arts.   
To keep my love of art alive I have been producing art work over the years in many different mediums, which keeps me well rounded. I have also continued my education in art by attending Manchester Community College to learn new innovative techniques which keeps me producing strong art work.

Recently I have ventured into some other creative areas such as stationary, invitations and even face painting. These areas are fun, gratifying and keep me thinking fast on my feet. These qualities are much needed in this age of art.
I am currently still residing in Hartford with my 2 children and husband. 


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